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We are a Veteran owned company based in the US, however, our bottles are currently made in China by an experienced and reputable glass manufacturer. We do hope to one day move production to the USA but being a small business we’re not able to do that at this time due to much higher material and labor costs along with substantially higher minimum order quantity limitations.  We are just not a large corporation that can do that at this time.


We understand wanting to buy products made in the USA, but almost everything you buy is made overseas like the phone or computer you’re browsing on. Keep in mind, when you purchase from us, you're supporting a small Veteran-owned small business.  Your purchase allows us to put food on the table and keep the lights on.



Our bottles are made with pure borosilicate glass.  The lids are made with 18/8 304 stainless steel outer and inner shell with BPA Free, food grade safe plastic threads that screw onto the outside of the bottle, not touching your water.  The sleeves and o-ring seals in the lids are made with food grade safe silicone.


Your bottle is perfectly dishwasher safe with or without the silicone sleeve on the bottle. 



Your bottle is perfectly dishwasher safe with or without the silicone sleeve on the bottle. 


To clean your new water bottle by hand, we recommend using a good bottle brush such as the OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush. Wash with warm, soapy water!  We also have a great bottle rack to help the bottle air dry!

(Handle with care...soapy glass bottles are very slippery!)


Occasionally, it is a good idea to remove the silicone sleeve and clean it separately from the bottle.



Xtremeglas Hydrate & Sport: Place your fingers under the silicone sleeve where it says "refill & hydrate" and pull down and around the bottom of the bottle. Then pull the sleeve up and off the top of the bottle.


Hydrate Maxx: Insert the bottle through one of the SIDE WINDOWS and slide up through the top of the sleeve. You might have to spin the bottle inside the sleeve to display the bottle markings. We designed the sleeves to fit snugly around the bottle so they are best installed through the side windows.

Xtremeglas Duo: The upper sleeve is removed by holding on to the bottom of the bottle and placing a finger under the bottom part of the top sleeve. You should pull the sleeve out while lifting it up and off the bottle. The bottom sleeve will simply pull off.


Installation is essentially the reverse of the removal process. But you'll quickly figure out the way that works best for you!  

(The sleeve will fit very snugly, so make sure you have a good grip on the bottle when you reinstall!)



We recommend hand washing the lids & o-rings with warm, soapy water.


Also, it is good practice to remove and clean the silicone o-ring that is inserted into the lid.  This will avoid and odd smells your lid may develop over time if not cleaned properly.  This o-ring MUST be reinstalled in the lid after cleaning to keep your bottle leak proof! (For removal, we like to use a butter knife placed between the lid and o-ring and then gently twist or slide to work the o-ring up and out.)



Finally, if you plan to use ice cubes in your bottle, we recommend holding the bottle at an angle and letting the ice cubes slide down the side of the bottle instead of dropping them directly in to prevent damage to the bottom of the bottle. (This will help extend the life of your bottle.)

As always, remember this is a GLASS water bottle and it should be handled with care. We hope you will love your Xtremeglas water bottle as much as we do!


Have a question? Feel free to CONTACT US!



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