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Glass Shaker Bottle

  Look Stylish with a Glass Gym Bottle

When you head to the gym, you’re encouraged to bring water with you. A glass gym bottle from Xtremeglas is functional as well as easy to fill. It ensures that you have regular access to fresh water without having to buy plastic water bottles. It saves you money and helps the planet at the same time.


At the gym, you’re bound to work up a sweat. Whether you’re lifting weights, taking a fitness class, or spending time on the treadmill, you will want to quench your thirst. The best glass water bottle is one that will hold a significant amount of water so that you don’t have to stop your workout to refill it.


32 ounce bottles from Xtremeglas can ensure that you have the quantity of water that you need. Additionally, the silicone sleeve helps to keep it chilled while also protecting the glass from breaking.


You can also find a glass shaker bottle so that you can mix in some of your favorite things. Protein, creatine, and even essential oils can be added to your water. This can boost your workout to the extreme without having to use a disposable bottle.


Every time you head to the gym, you have to consider what you’re going to take to stay hydrated. A glass gym bottle is stylish. Plus, it ensures that you have access to the water you need to be drinking. You can refill it while you’re at the gym to ensure you get your daily intake of water.


Many gyms don’t have vending machines. If they do, it can get expensive to have to buy your water bottles from the machines each time you’re there for a workout. Plus, water bottles have a negative impact on the environment.


It’s important that you choose the water bottle that you take to the gym carefully. Especially if you’re going to use a cardio machine, you want to make sure that the bottle fits in the bottle holder – and the best glass water bottle will make it possible. Otherwise, you’re left bringing a jug of water that allows you to stay hydrated but isn’t convenient to have at your side.


Regardless of how you spend your time at the gym, you want to make sure that you are stylish and functional. The water bottles that you can find from Xtremeglas allow you to accomplish that. Perhaps the best part is that you can find a glass shaker bottle to ensure that you can have any mix-in. The bottles are easy to clean, ensuring that you’re ready for your next fill-up as soon as you finish what’s in the bottle. It’s the kind of bottle that can serve you well.

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