Xtremeglas Hydrate Sport - Blue

Xtremeglas Hydrate Sport - Blue

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- LARGE 32 OZ GLASS WATER BOTTLE WITH SILICONE SLEEVE: Silicone sleeve provides protection against drops. The glass is made to be more sturdy! Great for travel, on-the-go, at home or the gym!
- TIME MARKED: Large 32 oz water bottle with time markers to help you monitor and increase your daily water intake!


- WIDE MOUTH OPENING FOR EASY FILLING WITH LEAK PROOF FLIP TOP LID: This sports bottle WILL NOT LEAK! Our flip top lid features a removable food grade silicone o-ring that seals perfectly to the glass, ensuring NO LEAKS! Lid features built in solid carry handle for those on the go with no worries about dropping it!


- REUSABLE, BPA FREE, & NO CHEMICAL TASTES - It's healthier to drink from glass knowing you won't be getting any chemical tastes or BPA's from those plastic bottles. Save the environment one drink at a time by using a reusable glass bottle!


- DISHWASHER SAFE: Can be put right in the dishwasher with the sleeve on!


    Start your journey to healthier living with the Hydrate Sport 32 ounce glass water bottle by Xtremeglas! This leak proof bottle is made with high quality durable borosilicate glass wrapped in a cushy silicone sleeve to help protect it when dropped.

    Why Xtremeglas?

    Our 32 oz bottles feature a unique set of timelines to help you track your daily water intake. Simply fill it up and drink it down by noon. Then fill it up again and drink it down by 6 pm and you have your recommended daily 8 glasses or 64 oz of water!

    Using a re-usable glass water bottle keeps disposable plastic water bottles out of landfills, and reduces the extensive carbon footprint from their distribution.


    Are there any health advantages of glass over plastic?

    YES!! Glass offers peace of mind. Glass is bisphenol A (BPA) free and offers “purity of taste” meaning it doesn’t leach any flavors into the water, unlike the plastic and some metal bottles. They also make great coffee, tea and juice containers.

    The package includes a 32 ounce glass water bottle inside of a silicone sleeve, and a new flip top lid that features a built-in solid carry handle to make it easy to carry while on the go.

    While this bottle is durable, it is made from glass, and can still be broken. Please handle with care!

    These sports bottles are great for any occasion and they make great gifts too! Pick yours up today and get on the road to a healthier lifestyle by drinking more water with Xtremeglas!

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